Now also in Czech

I've found some Goethe's poems translated into czech language.

Some poems in esperanto

I added some translations into esperanto. For those, who don't know: esperanto is an international constructed language. Yes, Goethe's poems are also translated into it. For more information see an article in wikipedia.
Eigentum (EN, EO), Heidenröslein (EN, EO)

Now also in italian!

Some poems in italian added. See for example,
An Belinden (EN, IT) , Die schöne Nacht (IT, RU)

Spanish translations added

I decided to look for spanish translations. See for example a poem
An Luna (EN, ES).

New translations

From now I try to find translations of Goethe's poems into different languages. Today I added some poems in russian, for example,
Wechsel (EN, RU) , Christel ( EN, RU).

New translations added

So I decided to complete german texts with english translations of poems. It would be useful for those, who like to read poetry in original, but want to have a translation by hand. See an example: Christel, Night song. Dual-language forma is one of the best ways to learn the language!